Research Projects

Project: Eurasianism

3-07The Eurasianism project is a response to the transition towards a multi-polar world in which regional integration plays a vital role. It investigates the particular case of the Eurasian Economic Union as the ripest example of a post-sovereign entity in the making and ponders over the effects of political and economic competition in the post-Soviet space. Additionally, it aims to explain the motivations and the structure of the sum of EEU’s foreign policy vectors and draw parallels with other post-communist and post-military regimes.

Policy Brief §3: The G20 Summit between self-globalizing states and military buildup.

Policy Paper §3: Economic Consequences of the Western protectionist emancipation.


Project: Governance

1-07The Governance project ponders over the future of the European construction, both in terms of its governance structures and interface mechanisms, as well as on the particular effects and externalities of policy-making domestically and internationally. Its vital subject focus is the optimization and the legitimization of the European construct and consists of a series of policy briefs that propose particular solutions and policy papers that are putting forward a set of recommendations and justify them.



Project: Sustainability

2-07The Sustainability Project provides an ecological sustainability response to the preponderance of neoliberal economics and deregulation that have brought numerous forms of injustice and disparity to the world. It assesses in how far the Circular Economy can provide an answer to structuring globalization in a world, where states and post-sovereign entities compete to globalize themselves. Additionally, it ponders over the desired and unintended non-trade consequences of economic adaptation.