The European Network of Policy Incubators

The European Network of Policy Incubators (
is a governance experiment consisting of a network of social enterprises under the control of a scientific think-tank, which aims to investigate and realize sustainable value creation through the science-policy interface. It is premised on the exploration of statehood and post-sovereign entities’ capacity to govern transitions to sustainability and resilience to fragility with the aim to contribute to the formulation and implementation of sustainable development.

Project #Sustainability

The #Sustainability project ponders over governance arrangements and methods for countering externalities stemming from sustainability oriented policy approaches. It focuses explicitly on the conceptualization and externalization of the circular economy as a mean towards addressing the non-trade related shortfals of the neoliberal trading system.

Project #Governance

The #Governance deliberates on the future of the European institutional ecosystem and its concentric epistemic networks, values driven self-legitimization and policy instruments. It pays particular attention on the possibility of deploying scientific brainstorming missions for solving fragility, telecoupling, externalities, thus fostering sustainability and resilience.

Project #Regionalism

The #Regionalism project explore the geospatial and regional multipolarity in today’s world. By paying particular attention on the role of comparative regional integration (LAC, EEU, ASEAN, SAARC, AU), it aims to deconstruct the externalities of globalisation  and face them up to natural capital protection, good governance and scientific progress.

Project #Economy

The #Economy project explores the centre-periphery fragmentations from the perspective of different scales, the possibilities to prop up socio-ecological innovations, the cyber economy and sustainable growth via regulatory, market, participatory and surveillance instruments, as well as sovereignty pooling. It aims to conceptualize a just, inclusive and ecological transition for the whole of the European economy that caters for its third country partners and is used as an instrument to achieve overarching goals – from resilience of the monetary system to climate change, intergenerational justice and spatial cohesion.