1. Council of EU Presidency 

Full research: Can Bulgaria help overcome the stalemate in the European Neighbourhood Policy? An Agenda for the Bulgaria Council of EU Presidency.

2. What is Hidden Behind EU’s Development Policy?

3. The Circular Economy as a System

The Circular Economy.jpg 


4. Comparative Regional Integration

From (Samokhvalov & Kalpakchiev, 2017)

5. Concentric Integration Cycles

6. Essential Sustainability Reader

7. Liquid Participation Concept

8. Trans-spatial governance of peripheral innovation

9. Tri-Circularity Concept

10. Trade-Sustainability Nexus in the European Union

11. Circular Esturiary Hydrogen

12. EU Global Engagement and Strategic Policy

13. EU Economic Governance: Fiscal Coordination

14. Towards a Comprehensive Approach for the Migration Crisis (Natolin Think-Tank Group, 2015)

15. Ah-hoc think-tank Experiment №1: Clusterization, Greening and Twnning of Regional Eco-Social Innovations (, 2020)