Circular Technoscientific Innovation Clusters for post-Covid Growth

The presentation was delivered in conjuction with several other NGOs, such as Greenpeace, WWF, etc. The focus was the post-Covid revitalization of the Bulgarian economy via four clusters:

  1. Circular Industries: Recycling of batteris, import and electrification of old vehicles
  2. Blue Circular Economy: Marine biotechnologies, medical and food supplements, algae fuels and buildign materials
  3. Bio Circular Economy: Biodegradable plastics from food waste, aquaponics, alternative proteins
  4. Digital Circular Economy: Rotor electrogenerators, drones and sensors from e-waste, reverse logistics of old microprocessors, digital twins, urban methabolism

These ought to be connected with counterparts in the west (e.g. Netherlands, Finland, Austria, Denmark) and east (Korea, Japan, Taiwan) via horizontal B2B, K2K, G2G, city2city initiatives, locally via iFixit Movements, Repair Cafes, 3D printing centres.

Slide 1: Concrete Aims

Slide 2: Adjustment of existing blueprint



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