EU-ENPI Complex Regeneration

The European Union Studies Series (

EU-ENPI Complex Regeneration: Concept Paper

Teodor Kalpakchiev, 2020

DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.24263.93601

Use the following policy mix for the revitalization, renewal and regeneration of the economy:

  • Democratize the ownership and transparency of budgets considering a decentralized ethical distribution. Thus citizens can work towards urban renewal, revitalization, gardening and regeneration according to predefined rules, which can include profits for working, as long as this is documented.
  • Deploy mini grants for reforestation around cities can be used for the creation of green urban rings, in the same way Pakistan is currently providing work for its population, esp. in lieu of combating climate change, stabilizing its soils and possibly benefiting from the horizontal integration of regional emission trading systems.
  • Employ specialization strategy for the development of the carbon, hydrogen, teleworking, leasing, collaborative, performance economy and product service systems. Decentralization in order to focus on hybrid trans-replication of SMEs and social enterprises.
  • Levy high carbon taxation of privately owned vehicles and redirection of the debt towards hydrogen trains and recycled bikes, co-financing of green-house rooftops and vertical solar panels. Cohesion funds focusing on bike lanes and trains.
  • Reinvent human capital though a 2050 program with a livable PhD scholarship grant (e.g. 1000 BGN, open to co-financing by private enterprises), transforming ministries into knowledge depositories for private companies, creating intersectoral mail lists deliberating soft institutionalization of partnerships, collaboration and shared ownership of results, establishing regional SDG centres for localizing the United Nations 2030 Agenda and EUs Green Deal 2050 plan.
  • Case study: Hybridization of Dutch, Austrian, Finnish and Bulgarian Education, e.g. via open and competitive selection process for PhD researchers, university networks focusing on reinventing the economy, expanded triple helix, financial blending, effective supply/demand of students, lectors and researchers, corporate sponsorship of students’ theses
  • Develop experimentation network for an inclusive technosphere (via MOOCs, TEDx, Social Movements, Policy Labs, Upcycle Cafes) used to solve peripheral shocks, upscale resources and inform the regeneration-renewability-sustainability nexus
  • Polycentric socialization processes for the comparison of post-material values, replication of socio-ecological, socio-technical and socio-institutional sub-state units
  • Creating a trans-monetary post-capitalist socio-materialism via pooling and integrating REDD+, EU ETS Certificates, Ecological Debt Nullification and commodified externalities
  • Cyber securitization of the hydrogen economy based on transplanting the monetary and fiscal governarnace of the EU onto the carbon governance
  • Art festivals on ecological, social, technological and ethical causes

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