Policy Brief §1: The End of „Democracy“ as Core of the „New Deal“ for Europe.

1-07The End of „Democracy“ as Core of the „New Deal“ for Europe,

Teodor Kalpakchiev, the-enpi.org

Creative Commons LicenseThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

The European Union is disintegrating and the degradation of democracy will make sure this happens – one way or another. It is high time they are substitute with a network of cities-led regional governance.

The EU – a marriage without a geographical axis.

Yes, we are heading headfirst towards a brick wall. The last time, the Berlin Wall’s intermediate effect was division of the traditional East and West dichotomy that resulted in the elaboration of two distinct ways of governance. In the west, we saw corporate governance, an exemplification of capitalisms’ natural selection, permeating into the bureaucratic leadership. At the same time, in the East, we saw a glorification of bureaucracy’s biggest achievement – the ability to elaborate strategies, yet at the time, with limited enforcement efficiencies. The creeping evolution of the only quasi-state without a statehood brought not only the geographical marriage of these two ideational camps, but also an important feature of regional integration, not yet seen elsewhere. A post-democratic executive federal guardian of regional integration, whose actions are safeguarded by a jurisdiction able to transfer competencies by the power of interpretative argumentation.

Do you already see the end of this as I do?

The European Union is disintegrating. It is in a deep ideational paralysis. You are struggling to define how to democratize an entity that is effectively already defining how you live. In smaller member states, national parliaments have become redundant – their constituents are wealth-capturing mechanized gramophones, struggling to numb any attempt for dethroning from grassroots. The end of politics is imminent, as greediness – the biggest flaw of capital, which brought the plague of risky financial derivatives to Europe is has now contaminated the biggest achievement of humanity – the ability to self-organize ourselves.

The outstanding alternative: Federalization through dissolution of democracy.  

Hence, politics must succumb to its own self-degradation. We already have the necessary means and structures to cooperate and co-exist in a rational manner. The ideational forces of philosophy are ripe, yet the dearth of alternative structures and the scarcity of time make change imminent. The answer lies in the least politicized bodies, the ones where words such as solidarity, equity and justice are not a feigned materialization of generic terms. Sectoral and functionalist cooperation is proliferating and discussants in small chambers can no longer provide the expertise needed. We do not need a debate about is right or wrong, we need a debate on how to implement effectively what we know is right. What we need right now is the executive leadership of each member state to negotiate the dissolution of national parliaments and a strengthening of sub-regional governance that will effectuate their substitution.

Enforcement of post-democratic functionalism.

National parliaments have turned simply into mechanisms for transposing norms. Their constituents have lost the connection with voters and all too often find ways to embezzle funds through intermediaries or campaigning. The pan-European dissolution should begin by enforcing a holistic strategy for anti-corruption embedded into the European Semester. What you need is just a reliable, resilient and sufficiently despotic green leftist to ensure this.



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