About the Platform

Logo (N) is a non-partisan platform for open-source scientific and policy research. Its mission is to transform into a think-tank that analyzes the role of post-sovereign entities in the transition of post-communist, post-militaristic and post-Soviet statehood(s).

The platform:

  1. Disseminates academic research to policy makers.
  2. Delivers positions and analyses of legislative and political initiatives.
  3. Conceptualizes policy interventions and promotes them through media.
  4. Organizes events to maximize the input and outreach of its activities.
  5. Manages scientific consortia and projects inclusive of research components.
  6. Provides capacity and implementation guidance to large-scale policy events.

It views:

  1. Research as a mean towards achieving societal welfare.
  2. Globalization as the main engine behind ecological sustainability.
  3. Technocratic responsnses to neo-capitalism as a just mean.
  4. Democracy as an inclusive platform for policy-making.
  5. Foreign policy as the sum of aspirations in the sphere of economics, the environment, security and development.









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