Policy Paper §8: Circular Economy Missions

Policy Paper §8: Circular Economy Missions

Teodor Kalpakchiev

the-enpi.org // Project #Sustainability


The following paper would focus on the circular economy missions as externalization of EU’s domestic market order as well as cyber governance of trade flows for solving unsustainable telecouplings, emission leakage and sovereign debt unsustainability.

Theoretical Framework

It would seek indicators and Explore the relationship between:

  • City expansions and Emission certificates, peri-Urbanism as a way of dealing with the past
  • Creating Urban Forests and Vertical Gardens as a way to internalize global debt
  • Recycling Electric Cars and the Usage of Batteries for Low-carbon urban transitions
  • Open method of coordination, liquid democracy and block chain contracts
  • Externalization of domestic legal and policy orders, fiscal governance of debt and unsustainability
  • Externalizing good governance and anti-corruption in resource governance schemes (fossil and non-fossil), food sovereignty and virtual water as a foundation of a healthy society
  • Reflexive learning through a network of foundations for policy expertize


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